WEPAR has strongly affirmed its position in the field of water filtration and treatment.

Until now, WEPAR has been viewed as a leading company which creates the highest quality of water after filtration. Thanks to the advanced integrated ARS technology. Being a pioneering business using “green” materials - environmentally friendly materials to contribute to water protection. In addition to owning a group of high profile people with comprehensive knowledge of the water industry. We are proud to be the firm that filters and treats all sources of extremely polluted water, such as: tap water, surface water, well water in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

WEPAR was granted an exclusive trademark certificate by the Ministry of Science and Technology - National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam according to Decision No. 17397 / QD-SHTT, 3rd March 2020.

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WEPAR 2020

WEPAR 2020

  • 3rd March 2020, WEPAR was granted an exclusive trademark certificate by the Ministry of Science and Technology – National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam under Decision No. 17397 / QD-SHTT. There is evidence for the company’s efforts to change, to finalize the organizational structure and to continuously improve the quality of the company’s products and services.
  • 19th May 2020, the company officially changed its name to WEPAR Environmental Technology Company Limited. The event marked a strong renovation in the company’s long-term development orientation in the future.
WEPAR 2017

WEPAR 2017

3rd December 2017, the company received the prestigious award “Top 100 trusted brands and trademark” in the MEDIA & RECOGNITION TRUSTED TRADEMARK – BRAND program held in Ho Chi Minh City.

WEPAR 2011

WEPAR 2011

23rd March 2011, WEPAR’s precursor was Phat Tho TMC Environmental Technology Trading Service Company Limited established. Officially launched with Website: Starting for the journey of building brand reputation and developing the business scale.



WEPAR will become the leading brand in the field of researching water filtration solutions and applying new technologies, inventing new innovations for the water purification industry.


Be honest and serious in relationships with customers, partners and employees of the company.


Advise customers with standard information and provide WEPAR branded products and projects of national and international quality in the water industry, with reasonable prices, to meet customer’s expectations so as to contribute to environmental protection and national development.


Target to 31st December 2025

Become a brand of PRESTIGE – RELIABILITY – QUALITY which customers first think when there is a need for water purification.

WEPAR products will be certified in the top 200 quality brands in Vietnam.

WEPAR will be known as the outstanding enterprise in water filtration and treatment fields. However, WEPAR will continue expanding and developing in terms of providing environmental protection air filtration solutions and environmentally friendly products by WEPAR branding.


Granted the certificate

Granted the certificate "Announcing product quality standards in 2015"


Award "Top 100 trusted brands and trademark 2017"

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